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Compliance Monitoring
is a useful, non-invasive tool for healthcare providers to obtain reliable information about their patients' use or misuse of their prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, and illicit substances in order to make informed clinical decisions regarding treatment.

A few benefits of compliance monitoring include:

  • Open Communication - provides results that start conversations with your patients regarding their medications.
  • Prescriber Safety - helps physicians understand if their patient is being prescribed medications by other physicians
  • Medication Diversion - helps physicians detect whether or not a patient is taking prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, or illicit substances, and helps to identify possible misuse, abuse, or diversion
  • Keeping Your Patients Healthy - provides results that give insights into your patients' health, such as how they metabolize medications or if there will be any potential cross reactions.
  • Successful pain management

Customer’s demands consistent monitoring. Our network provides easy, accurate, and efficient test results leaving physicians feeling confident in prescribing the proper dosage for each patient and confirming the dosage is taken as prescribed. With onsite urine and oral fluid tests, Our network Toxicology provides testing options suitable for you and your patients.

Our Network Toxicology Pain Management Testing Lab Offers

  • Several different drug compounds tested to the lowest detection levels using state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS technology
  • An easy-to-read lab report to track and compare patient compliance and/or patterns of drug misuse/abuse in your office
  • A quick turnaround test time (24-72 hours)
  • Accurate and reliable lab results with the industry's lowest cutoff levels
  • Urine drug testing and oral fluid drug testing
  • Outstanding and conscientious customer care
  • Easy to access test results available via web, email, fax, and EMR Interfacing
  • Individualized test ordering allowing you to pick the test you need

The Our Network Difference

We're focused on exceptional service that empowers you, your practice, and your patients.

Onsite Solutions - Our network offers an onsite solutions program, which provides your practice with a dedicated,  Our network employee to collect, process, and ship samples.

Our network Resolutions - Our network provides in-house billing with a compassionate billing policy designed to assist patients with questions or concerns so you and your staff can focus on their treatment.


Innovation is our standard. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Our network Reports - Our network reports are customized to provide you with insights on a one-page easy-to-read report.

Compliance Monitoring - Our network compliance monitoring enables you to improve patient management and effectively manage the impact of compliance risk on your practice.


Your #1 priority is our #1 priority: fast, accurate testing for better patient outcomes.

Fast Turnaround - Our network offers fast turnaround: approximately two-day (or sooner) on all samples.
Quality Program - Our network exceeds CLIA standards with our state-of-the-art technology.

EMR interfacing links test results directly to your electronic patient records, saving you time. It's fast, paperless, HIPAA secured, helps eliminate data-entry errors, and increases proficiency. This means no more time-consuming searches through paper files.

 Should You Test?

Out state-of-the-art laboratory is certified by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and COLA (Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation). We provide comprehensive drug testing, medication monitoring, and various support services to hospital organizations, medical practices, and clinics. Our focus is to generate precise and accurate results in 24-72 hours.

Toxicology laboratory utilizes an advanced scientific Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method to provide an accurate and thorough screening of the drugs in a patient's urine sample. We take pride in our experienced staff who are always ready to assist you.

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