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ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers are 510(k) pre-market cleared by the FDA for the rapid sterilization of surgical instrumentation (K052567).

FDA approved indications of use for ONE TRAY® Sealed Containers allow acute care facilities to routinely perform “Rapid” reprocessing of surgical instrumentation in response to unpredictable demand. In addition, ONE TRAY ® conveniently accepts instrument sets that are protected within their existing modular organizing trays (including orthopedic loaner sets).

Selected by Outpatient Surgery Magazine as innovative “breakthrough” technology among thousands of products offered by more than 500 established companies exhibiting at the 2005 AORN Congress.

ONE TRAY® awarded first place award among surgical products at MedAssets 2005 Technology and Innovation Forum. MedAssets is the third largest U. S. hospital group purchasing organization representing 1500 short stay hospitals & 1600 free standing surgery centers

Finished among the top three products at the 2006 Launch Silicon Valley Event sponsored by Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE), Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft. Winners of this event were selected by Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists and angel investors.

EVERY YEAR 1 million healthcare workers in the U.S. are stuck with hypodermic needles that may be infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or  HIV.Over 1000 of them contract serious infections. Over 80% of these injuries could be prevented.   In some countries as many as 90% of the injections given are unsafe.

24 million people in developing countries around the world are infected yearly. More than 580 million people in the world are chronic carriers of these diseases. An estimated 1.3 to 1.6 million  die.

Countless others in the private sector including housekeepers, janitors, and trash handlers are not even counted in these  statistics.


  • Eliminates accidental needle-stick injuries through its blunt-point canula design; Facilitates exquisitely simple safe disposal (no recapping   required);
  • Provides user-friendly implementation (one-hand activation) with no separate movement required to deploy the needle  tip;  Provides for zero wasted space (no residual volume), yielding sizable savings in the efficiency of medication delivery;
  • Furnishes improved child and adult patient safety through elimination of choking risk by excluding the need for a separate straight dental needle  cap; Significantly reduces packaging costs through elimination of the requirement for a solid needle cap;
  • Will be used with standard syringes, IV catheters and phlebotomy collection devices, and Offers a profoundly cost-effective design, being composed of four inexpensive parts, offering health care providers  worldwide  new cost-reduction opportunities.


Dr. Ralph Rogers

Orthopedic Surgeon

NBA Europe &

Doctors Without Borders

London UK

Clinical Research Facilitators

Suwanee, GA

Poudre Valley Health Systems

Fort Collins, Colorado