HomeCORE provides Student Solutions thru top lending networks, which offer Student Loan refinance options, active student loans, and work-out solutions;  in an effort to educate thru established networks to provide opportunity and awareness in financial literacy.  


Roughly 42.4 million Americans collectively owe more than $1.3 trillion on their student loans, federal data show. Total student debt has doubled during the Obama administration. More than 90 percent of student debt is either owned or guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Education.

Student Loan Debt at high interest rates is a major issue for consumers.  Our banking network consists of 300 Community Banks, who refinance these loans at lower interest rates, average 4%, and as low as 2%* dependent upon credit and income.  The debt load of the typical recent college graduate has nearly tripled, while starting wages have remained flat.    

Stagnant wages and the jump in student debt levels has prompted growing concern among government policymakers and financial industry executives that student debt risks slowing U.S. economic growth as households reduce their spending to make their student loan payments.

About 7 of every 10 college graduates now borrows to pay for higher education, up from about half in the 1990s, data show.  Surveys and academic research have suggested that student debtors are delaying home purchases, avoiding medical care and starting fewer small businesses. On Tuesday, a new report argued that student debt is hurting Americans’ ability to save for retirement.

The increase in debt accompanied by no growth in earnings has pushed student debtors into distress.  Nearly 11.6 percent of student loan balances are at least 90 days delinquent, almost double the level in 2003, data show.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that 1 in 4 student loan borrowers are either in default or struggling to stay current on loan payments.

* dependent upon credit and income review


HomeCORE is actively engaged in the medical technology space with new FDA approved medical equipment, drug testing and new product introduction that provides cost savings to hospitals and health care centers, and provides unique solutions  in patient care.



HomeCORE participates in development and sourcing of Green Energy Solutions to include U.S. Based and International Energy and Infra Structure Projects.